Your Mistakes are Molding You

I had an epiphany last night as I was pitching another publication. Before I sent my email, I took a look at the piece I was sending over, and well…let’s just say I found mistakes. Mind you I wrote this piece a year ago- a year ago exactly.

Why did I not see these little mistakes?  I mean obvious mistakes- things I definitely should have caught. I was not mad at this discovery. I was actually relieved that I was able to fix the errors at that moment.

Remember how I talked about having glimpses of your life (read, here, if you missed it). This moment was like a smack in the face, in a good way.  A reminder that I am growing. The same drive I had when I wrote that piece a year ago, still lives in me right now, I just needed a little fine tuning.

I had to share with you, because I am humbled. I am making progress, and I’m learning detail is everything. Pay attention. Not even in the sense of making mistakes, but pay attention to everything that is around you. You have everything you need. Fine tune what you have. When God placed you on this earth, the earth was already here before you, which means  he intended for your resources to be in abundance before you even knew that you would need those resources. Makes sense?

If not..let me say this again. You have everything you need already. Let me tell you, before I sent off that email I had already been sitting on my laptop for two hours, before I even read the piece I was sending over, I just knew I wanted to pitch the story. Here I am a year later pitching that story, but it’s still relevant. Which means, there are still plenty of opportunities out there for me, and you as well.

God has shown me in so many ways how I have overlooked what he has already given me. It will be those little moments when I think I don’t have something, and I’m tearing up the house trying to find it, when all the time it was right there under my nose. Had I just been still, I would have noticed. The same thing goes with the gift God has given you. We spend so much time searching outside ourselves, and what is right in front of us, that we miss the wealth of ideas God has already given us.

Today, I encourage you to be still and reflect. I guarantee you will find yourself with a notebook full of ideas.


As always, trust the journey ❤



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