(trend-setter): Sir WJ, Twenty- Something Musical Renaissance

Government name: William James Stokes
His reality: Hip-hop/jazz crooner, composer, philanthropist, entrepreneur



William J. Stokes, better known as Sir WJ is blazing his own musical trail in an ever changing entertainment industry. Inspired by the vintage quartet age of music, he is introducing the world to his wonderful blend of hip-hop and jazz. Focused on creating his own lane, Sir WJ is a man of many talents. With a lengthy list of accomplishments in his twenty something years of age, Sir WJ has performed for Joffrey Ballet, his music was featured in the Dysfunctional Friends soundtrack. He is also one of  the youngest on super producer’s, Rodney Jerkins’ agency board , not to mention he helped facilitate McDonald’s first ever in-store Wi-Fi music download campaign. His list can go on and on, but most importantly he is an entrepreneur, making his dreams a reality, with no intentions of stopping any time soon. 

When you don’t get money, you still [have to] picture it and treat it as if you’re [going to] be famous one day. That’s the only way you’re going to make it. Trying hard, working hard. I know that sounds real cliche’…Treat this like it’s yours.  It’s nobody else’s. – Sir WJ

Follow his movement:  sirwj.com


Check out his latest release, Politically Odd


What’s your story?


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