In the Mean Time…

The distance between now, and that moment when everything comes full circle literally feels like an eternity. Why is it so far away?

It seems like such a struggle to maintain momentum in a race where you can’t even see the finish line.  I often wonder how close I am. Or have I even broken ground yet? I just know the load does not seem to let up. It just gets heavier. The more I try to accomplish, the more real the struggle becomes- still with no concrete indicator of how close I really am to where I want to be.

…But, what am I supposed to do in the mean time? In the mean time, I’m working and I’m learning.

In the mean time, I am always redefining the journey. Is my journey all about growing as a writer? No. My journey is to create, and I’m glad to be in the in-between stage, where I can nurture some of the other things I love to do.

One of the beautiful things about the journey is that you get to venture off the path you thought you were supposed to be on, only to discover  when you ventured off the path, you were actually still on track.

Sounds crazy? Good.

Venturing off the path is where the lessons and experiences come. It is the place where we really learn and grow. Sometimes we are so focused on getting that one thing right, that we neglect some of the things that come natural to us.

The awesome part of being human is that we have a mind that is full of ideas. These ideas create opportunities for us, ultimately creating experiences for us that take us to greater heights.

Maybe the race is not meant for me to finish. If greatness is what I’m striving for, I don’t want to ever reach the finish line, but I do want to keep entering new territory.

Neglect the what-ifs, the fear of the unknown, and venture off the path. Your treasure awaits you.






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