Today is symbolic of many things. It’s the first of the month.  It’s a new day, and I have new things to share with you all.  I’m so excited to announce the release of my first book, Five Ways to Get Your Ideas out of Your Head.

I released the book on Amazon about a week ago and I am so happy I can finally share this with the world. I started writing this book towards the end of May, so it took me about three months to really finalize everything. I was at a low point in my life, where I was feeling so stagnant. I knew I wanted to give people something that would push them to move forward on whatever ideas, goals, or dreams they have. I really want the world to understand how important it is to just start writing down whatever ideas you have, and watch them gradually manifest into something you can see.

This book started as an idea, but I kept writing down everything that came to mind. Now, here I am with an actual physical copy of my book. I can honestly say I never imagined myself writing  a book at this point in my life. I knew I wanted to write a book, but I had no clue when I would actually release a book. That’s the beauty of life, unexpected things just happen.

Here is an excerpt from the book. I hope it inspires you to go forward.

This is not a race. Your journey has been designed just for you. Your lane has been paved so that your unique contribution to the world would make a difference in its own time.

Don’t get caught up in time. It is easy to think you should have it all at this moment, but coming from personal experience, I can see that each moment brought me to where I am right now. Even as I am writing this book.

The best thing you can do with your time right now is use it to create, and do what you love. You are not too old or too young.


Let today be the first of many things for you. One step can change your life.

P.S: I’m in a new city! Holler at me if you’re in New York!


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