golden + gems: words from celeb blogger, Rae Holliday


Before I go into the advice Rae Holliday shared with me at the Essence Block Party (see post, here), I just wanted to give a little back story to this post- and the many to follow. On occasion I run into individuals who are reflections of where I aspire to be in life, and they share kind words that push me along my journey- so I want to share those words with you too đŸ™‚

This was my first time meeting the celeb blogger & creator of Stuff Fly People Like,  Rae Holliday, and he was just as kind and humble as his Instagram reflects (lol). I shared a little bit of my story with him- how I am new in the city, and pursuing my career as a writer/blogger/author. Here is what he shared with me as a blogger.

Every blog has a pulse. You should want to blog all the time.

He said a lot, but this really stuck with me. I took this statement  as your blog/website should be a part of your conscience. It’s a living thing, and its life is dependent on your/my passion to keep it alive. In so many words, if it doesn’t bother you when you are not posting, or you don’t have the urge to post all the time- your site is dead.

This doesn’t just apply to people with websites, it pretty much applies to everything in life.

Being totally transparent with you, meeting Rae Holliday had to be a divine encounter.  I feel like God will put people in your path to give you that nudge, when you may have been falling off. Like many others, I often battle with what to blog about sometimes, but this quick encounter was just confirmation to keep it moving.


P.S. If you’re feeling stuck, and need help getting ideas out of your head, check out this short read I wrote: Five Ways to Get Your Ideas out of Your Head







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