NYFW: Essence Street Style Block Party

How do you kick off being in New York? With a block party during New York Fashion Week! Major shout out to Essence magazine for putting this awesome event together. I truly enjoyed being amongst such a variety of people- so many stylish entrepreneurs walking around. So, here is my recap from the pordee.


So, I finally got the chance to meet and chat with the super talented artist,  Ron Bass. Jay- Z and Beyonce are seen pretty often rocking his apparel. That is his original artwork on the Chevy Cruze he is standing next to. Two years ago, he quit his 9-5, and leaped on faith to pursue his artistry full time. Now he here is as a featured artist during NYFW.


Everybody in New York is doing something. No matter where you go. I thought Belyne Vil’s ensemble was really stylish, so I decided to snap a pic, then we started chatting- and of course she is doing amazing things in the city as well. If you need PR, she is your go- to person.


I also got to catch up with Rae Holliday, one of the humble creators of Stuff Fly People Like. He offered some gems that I will share in another post for aspiring bloggers. After chatting with him, I realized I didn’t even get a pic. By that time he was taking off to film for his site. I got an action pic though..pretty appropriate for the occasion. Hey, Gorgeous in Grey!



Thanks Essence for bringing so many amazing people. I wish I could’ve chatted with everyone. I snapped some pics of some stylish people enjoying the block party. There were so many, I couldn’t capture them all. But, I do have to discuss the pic with the three children. O-M-G! I love when kids have their own style- they were so fly.


P.S: I couldn’t forget my photo bomber! And I quote, “Everyone has to photo bomb, right?” Love it!! He actually made me laugh 🙂



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