NYFW: PRSVR Destination 14′, Fight or Flight


If you have not heard about PRSVR, you need to get in tune. I have been following this brand for about two years now, and their evolution never ceases to amaze me.

The theme was Fight or Flight, and PRSVR definitely brought the fight. Showcasing its  Destination 14′ collection, PRSVR brought its own runway to NYFW. Making a bold statement in the middle of Lincoln Center Plaza (only one of the biggest locations for NYFW), PRSVR  instantly grabbed everyone’s attention as it marched in militant style, led by its own percussionist- ensuring all eyes were directed to the presentation.

Standing at attention, PRSVR was completely unbothered by the Lincoln Center’s security unsuccessful attempts to dismantle the presentation. Talk about disturbing the peace?

PRSVR went against the norm, and showed us what fashion is all about- taking risks and setting trends.

We wanted to do something disruptive. Lincoln Center provided the perfect backdrop for a crowd focused on fashion. – Margaret Williamson, owner of PRSVR

prsvr3 copy

 The Destination ’14 collection was inspired by our daily battles commuting through airports, public transportation, and the crowded streets where we work and live. This led us to use durable materials like leather, wool, and twill to create stylish yet functional pieces that allow you to Fight or take Flight.


prsvr4 copy

It also allowed us to demonstrate the Fight or Flight premise. We assumed that security would try to shut us down, but we had to stand strong.
prsvr7 copy

Congrats to the PRSVR owners, Brandon & Margaret Williamson!











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