celebrities are human.

I usually stay far away from mainstream news, but the constant commentary and coverage regarding Ray Rice and his wife has really been on my mind. Between the media frenzy and social network commentary, somewhere down the line, the fact that these people are human continues to be neglected.

I wonder how some of us regular people would react if some of our love triangles¬†stories were tossed on every television and radio station. Would we be so quick to throw stones? It’s so easy to say what Ray and his wife need to do, because we are on the outside. When you dissect the people involved, there is a football player, who is also a father, husband and provider; there is a wife and mother; and an innocent little girl- which equals a family who has to pick up the broken pieces. Simultaneously, dealing with seeing family business replayed all over media outlets.

After the media hype dies down, these people still have to deal with these issues. They still have to deal with the aftermath. They have to get the strength to wake up every morning and carry on with life. As with everyone we encounter, there is a story behind the face. Sometimes, before we give our two cents, we should place our feet in their shoes and send up a prayer versus an opinion.

We all have our struggles, no matter how big of a smile we put on. Let’s practice being transparent and sharing our stories to encourage each other to keep going forward.




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