Are you selectively social?

I have always heard the saying, be careful how you treat people, because you might be entertaining an angel. I tend to keep that in mind, when I encounter strangers.

Being totally transparent with you, sometimes I don’t always feel like conversing. I have my reasons, because sometimes those encounters are really weird, or I fear that I may have to say something to a person that may not be what they want to hear (this is usually the case, when men try to hit on me, and I am just not feeling it).

However, I have had those moments, where some of the most beautiful conversations have come from those random encounters with strangers. Either, that person blessed me with a message, or vice versa.

I am saying this, because sometimes we walk around defensively with our guards up, when we should be the total opposite. You just never know how a simple response to another human being could be exactly what they needed at the moment.

Even if a person said hey to you, and you flashed them a smile, that could make his/her day. In every moment presented to us, we have the power to be a blessing to someone else. Although differences separate us as humans, we have similarities that overshadow those differences.

We are one story, one experience, one word away from helping someone go further in life. Your simple gesture of kindness may save someone’s life.

Love your neighbor as yourself.



P.S. If you’re feeling stuck and unsure of your purpose, check out this short read I wrote: Five Ways to Get Your Ideas out of Your Head


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