Why are you in such a hurry…

Everyone is in such a rush these days. We rush relationships, weightloss, career paths. This generation is all for instant gratification.

I am even guilty of wanting things instantly. I released my first book, Five Ways to Get Your Ideas out of Your Head, last month, and sometimes I’m like, I should be a best-selling author by now. Then I hear a still, small voice that tells me, be patient.

I see Steve Harvey’s latest book selling like crazy, and then I remember, it has taken Steve Harvey years to become a best-selling author. Steve Harvey was not built in a month.  When I look at his journey, he started from the bottom- doing stand-up, moving into acting, hosting…then becoming a best-selling author came years down the line.

I’m not sure what my journey will look like, but before I authored a book, I began as a writer and blogger, pursuing every writing opportunity possible. Before I published my book, I was also feeling stagnant, and like nothing was happening- then I birthed the creation of a book. That’s a major accomplishment as a writer.

No matter how fast I think I should be moving, life throws something my way that surprises me and shows me that the world is already in perfect order. If I try to speed through the process, I won’t last long on this journey; and whatever dreams I have, will die before they even get to take flight.

We exhaust ourselves, when we move too fast.

Reminder to self: Enjoy the ride. Granted the ride can be bumpy and uncomfortable, it’s worth it.  I know it’s often unpredictable, but you are building something made to last.


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