Photo + story : 34th Street- Penn Station

I live in one of the many cities in New Jersey, but luckily, I am about twenty minutes away from NYC. Every time I commute to the city, the gateway station is 34th Street- Penn Station, which positions commuters right in Herald Square- everything is right here. All of your favorite stores from H&M to Macy’s. It’s a few blocks from the bigger Times Square attraction. Depending on which side of Penn Station you enter or exit,  you can see the entry to Madison Square Garden.

As you can imagine, this one place is full of people on endless missions. There are the tourists who are standing around snapping photos, walking slowly, and enjoying the scenery ( I fit in this category sometimes).  Then, there are daily commuters and residents who are in a hurry to get to work, go home, or whatever falls in between the two. The city is full of explorers of some sort and dream chasers- we are all here for some particular purpose.

The bright lights are so easy to fall in love with..,mainly, because they make you dream bigger than you can imagine.



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