faith + story: Brandi Turpin, How She Quit Her Job & Relocated to NYC

You never know what you have in common with someone until you spark a conversation. Brandi and I were standing in line at Demetria Lucas’ book signing a couple Mondays ago, and she, myself and couple other women all seemed to migrate towards each other. We all conversed and learned so much about each other in such a short amount of time. That’s when I discovered Brandi had taken the same leap of faith like myself and relocated to New York. We pretty much moved around the same time.

Here is her story.


Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I am Brandi S. Turpin. I was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have my Master’s in Social Work and specialize in adolescent mental health. I am 30 years old. I am also creator of Thik and Kurly. My brand is all about empowerment. I speak about natural hair, healthy living, and women’s issues.


How are you feeling about your recent move to New York?
I am ecstatic about my move to NYC. I truly believe that God directs my path and orders every step of my life. I believe that I am here during this season, because this is where He wants me. New York has been my favorite city my entire life and it is very surreal to actually be a resident. I am excited about the changes to come.

Why did you choose this route?
Lol. God definitely chose this route for me. I’m living my life outside the box and it is terrifying. I did surrender to his will, which makes it easier. I decided that during this season of my life with no husband or children, I should explore the world and myself. I feel that people get stuck in a 9-5 for thirty plus years and HATE IT! I needed down time to continue my personal development. So, I took a hiatus from mental health and worked a part-time job at a hair store.

 How did you get the courage to make this move?
I left Virginia in 2012 and moved back to North Carolina with my parents to pay off debt. Praise God I succeeded. From there, the time came for me to take a break from social work. I moved to Texas to spend time with my sister for 8 months, before she left the country. While there, I prayed about the next step and here I am! I feel the courage came from praying and just trusting God and the process. You have to be willing to fail, so to speak, then get back up and try again.
Did you encounter any opposition when you made your decision?
 YES, yes and yes. People could not believe I quitting my career, packing up and leaving North Carolina with no plan. I had so many people against this decision and negative influences. I even had people that thought I was city hopping looking for a husband. What the what! Are you kidding me…I digress. I had to do what felt right for me. Financial opposition definitely comes and just being transparent, I still struggle with that. One day at a time God always comes through and something ALWAYS works out.


brandilift up


What are your plans (if any) since you are in a new city?
Continue to build my Thik and Kurly brand. Possibly get back into social work in order to better invest into myself. Enjoy the city and maybe even date ;-).

What have you discovered about yourself since making your move?

I am stronger than I ever knew. Point. Blank. Period.

What is faith to you?

Faith to me is believing that the impossible can happen! Stepping out and trusting God to support you.


Thank you Brandi for sharing your story. Life is really about taking leaps of faith.

Website: Thik & Kurly
Twitter: ThikandKurly


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