entrepreneur + story: Alechia Reese, How She Started Her Business In the Midst of a Divorce


                 Failure is merely greatness in its infancy! – Alechia Reese


Name: Alechia Reese
Occupation: CEO/President, The Girl Rethought Project & Executive Director, 360 Gateway Brand Management

What inspired you to start your own business?
I started the Girl Rethought Project during one of the worst times in my life. I was extremely sad going through a difficult divorce from my daughter’s father and I decided to get out of my funk I would help someone else. I was so close to ending it all as I felt I had nothing to offer. While in a service I noticed there was a girl who was noticeably depressed. I later found out she had aged out of the foster care system with two young children, no high school diploma, and no job or stable living arrangements. I walked up to her and asked her, Can I help you? I didn’t know what I was asking at the time, but I understood her hurt and pain all too well-  I decided I would use my skills to help her not only get on her feet, but create a plan for her life to achieve success. We did just that, and in six months she secured her diploma, a job, and stable living arrangements; but most importantly she developed the understanding that no matter what has been, she can create what will be.

After my experience with her I determined I have something that works and from there The Girl Rethought Project was created along with my program, Life After Foster Care … Now What? that is sponsored by the UPS Foundation and I discovered I was right what I have works. I coupled my two loves: my desire to help and my love for creativity, marketing and branding, which birthed 360 Gateway Brands. I am a project manager by trade and the majority of my professional career had been in start-up business development working under large corporate parent companies taking a concept and making it a reality. 360 Gateway Brands helps small businesses create a vision for their brand, develop goals and action plans to fulfill that vision and implement assessment and evaluation methods to help ensure success.

How did you get the courage to make this move?
For me it was life or death. I could no longer stay as I was, so I was more than willing to put in the work to get to where I desired.

How has life been since you made this decision?
The biggest change for me was confidence. Confidence in understanding all things work together for my good and will lead me to my ultimate goals no matter how it may look initially. I no longer fear what could be, because I understand I have all power to create that too.

What is faith to you?
Faith is understanding you do not have to know it all, but believe you were created for a purpose and if you’re willing to start God will help you fulfill your purpose, but you must first start.

Website: AlechiaReese
Twitter: GirlRethought


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