Be present.

I don’t believe you can prepare for life.

Life is too random, too sporadic, too unpredictable… Not to mention often times unfair.

Life never gives you time to prepare, but it throws you a bowl of circumstances that force you to either sink or swim.

You better know how to swim.

What if I don’t know how to swim… Guess I’ll sink.

With little preparation… Life teaches you to be present. At some point, the very moments that we enjoy will transform into an uncomfortable situation that will leave you baffled and confused

Being present often leaves you vulnerable to any possibility, favorable and unfavorable. But what is most important is that you’re present.

Life often force teaches us to be fearless, however as humans we do the opposite and shrink with fear. We sink into a place of delusional protection. Then we become stuck.

Life is an ongoing process of losing control- letting yourself free fall into every experience, whether we like it or not.

The present is a gift.



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