Life in New York: Is it Really Dirty?

What is life like in New York? How are things going? How is your book doing? I get asked these questions pretty often by friends and family.

The one question that I really hear a lot is: Is it dirty in New York? Sometimes I think people, who have not visited NY think it’s one big trash can, full of rats…but I digress.

Life in New York is a constant transition, but an exciting one. I have always been a lover of the fast- paced city life. Bright lights, exciting events to go to, just a good time all the time.

Traveling to the city

So, the reality is…I live in New Jersey. I reside in a small city (I think it’s, that is approximately 34 minutes away (on a good day, including a quick train switch) from New York City.

I’m from Chicago, actually I’m from Blue Island, a small suburb outside the city, and to get to the city, I would catch the Metra Train. I’m saying this, because my commute to NYC is similar to commuting to downtown Chicago, except I ride the New Jersey Transit.

So, anyway, that train takes me right into NYC Penn Station, where the turn up is real. Just imagine, having to walk through O’Hare airport everyday. Penn Station is huge. It literally houses the NY subway, NJ Transit, Long Island Rail Road, Amtrak, and probably some other form of transit I missed. It’s busy all the time. NY really is the city that never sleeps.


NYC and its trash.

Ok, so, is NYC really dirty? Yes and no. First, as a new comer, I am not used to seeing tons of trash bags on the street. However, being from Chicago, all the trash that is bagged for pick- up on some NY streets, can be equivalent to the litter around some Chicago neighborhoods. At least it’s in a bag in NY…lol. So, yes, it is kind of gross to see trash bags on the street, because some of that stuff smells. But, it’s not like that everywhere, nor is it like that all the time. I haven’t been everywhere in NY, but from what I’ve seen, it’s not loads of trash taking up all the streets.

…And I have not seen any rats/mice since I have been here. Now, the two times I visited NY, I did see them, but within the two months I have been here, no furry creatures. But I know they are prevalent. Not to gross anyone out, but I did see a huge cockroach scurrying down the street. That was creepy, because I’m terrified of bugs.

Gotta take the good with the bad, right?


How are things going?

Let’s just say, I am really learning patience. Life seems to always have a way of teaching me to be patient. My life for the last two months has consisted of emailing like crazy, writing as much as I can (I can stand to do a little more), and brainstorming ways to build my brand. I am learning to be flexible, but keeping the vision in front of me. Success is all about multi- tasking at this point. Being in New York has opened my eyes to many possibilities, and it’s forcing me to be more radical about going after my dreams. I’m approaching things with a new perspective, so I can get different results. It’s all about exposure right now, and planting seeds everywhere I go.

Good news…people have been reaching out to me to share my story, so that is a blessing :).


 Check back next Wednesday, for the next Life in New York post…I’ll be talking about my fear of getting off at the wrong train stop!


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