Life in NY: These Trains Scare Me

Hey Everyone! I hope your Friday is going awesome.

Before I talk about how these trains scare me, let me say that I love taking the train. I used to drive everywhere in Chicago, and that just became a drag after a while. But, riding the train is fun, because I get to explore, zone out (when needed), people watch (because, that’s always fun), think about life, pray, and all the cool things that come with being chauffeured around the city. Well, it’s not really being chauffeured, but you get my drift.

New Jersey Transit.

Outside of the fact that eight different trains, may actually be going in my direction, they all don’t necessarily stop at my stop. So, my first month here, I was literally hopping on any train that said DOV on the departure screen…lol. This was foolish, but I didn’t know my ignorance was problematic at the time. During the week days, before I get to my home train stop, I have to switch trains, which is usually like a five minute wait. Ok, so, one day, while using my self-created train system, I inevitably hopped on the wrong train, and I had to wait an hour to get to my stop, which is literally only a five minute ride. Lesson learned, I now read the real time train schedule.

Ok…what scares me?

So, it’s not the physical trains that scare me… It’s the huge gap I have to step over every time I board a NJ Transit train that could potentially lead to falling in between the platform and the train, if I am not paying attention. Fix it Jesus!

This is all in my head, but why is there human size space between the train and the platform.


NYC Penn Station

A human could slip through here.

New York subway.

I don’t really know which subway train is what. Right now I know the A & 1 trains. They go uptown, all the way to the Bronx, and downtown, all the way to Brooklyn. Once I get familiar with how north, south, east and west works here, I should be okay. Gotta love progress right?

Have a great weekend!



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