My Life One Year Ago: A timeline from October 2013 until Today

As I was sitting working on my laptop, I started to think about my life one year ago. A lot has happened in one year. So, I will share with you.

Today is November 3rd, so my life one year ago went like this…

October 2013: This was a month of separation. Everything I was attached to seemed to be detaching from me. My comfort zone was being stripped away from me. This was also the month, I unknowingly created the outline for my book. I created a PowerPoint presentation for a college career day, and I never did the presentation, because no one showed up.

November 2013: I had just started a new job at a loan store, which was so far from anything I would normally do, but finances were tight, so I did what I had to do.  Working this job was such a humbling experience, because it forced me to grow up spiritually. Although, I did not understand why my life was not going the way I thought it should, I had to trust God and this journey. During this time, I knew I would be leaving Chicago. I had no clue as to when, but I knew I wanted to move. So, I decided to make this job my relocation fund. I had also moved in with my God- mom/mentor. This was a very trying time for me. I felt like life just kept throwing me blow after blow. I felt so disconnected from my passion and purpose. Writing was no longer a priority to me. I just wanted to survive.

December 2013: It was the end of the year, so naturally I started looking forward to the approaching New Year. I knew I wanted 2014 to be better than 2013. This was also the month of my 26th birthday, and I learned to just be happy , because life was good. I had a pretty big birthday dinner with the ones I love- but it was different. I was still very uncomfortable around this time, and just wanted a change. Before 2014 came, I just wrote down everything I wanted in life, and that became a daily habit.

January 2014: I was ready. My focus was on transforming my life into what I wanted. This year was all about doing things in faith, and not letting my circumstances dictate my destiny. I started reading more books to transform the way I looked at life. I was determined to have newness. One of the first things I did was reach out to a celebrity publicist I had been wanting to work with for a long time. So, I emailed her (I was very transparent in my message), letting her know I wanted to work with her, and one day later she responded with a yes. First step. I knew I wanted to be a contributing writer for online publications- now I was.

February: February went by pretty fast. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my site, Yur Storee. I was stuck. I prayed a lot about it, and just wrote down ideas. I almost forgot, towards the end of February, I went on a faith trip to Atlanta with my god- mom. This trip really put the fire in me to move.  My experience in ATL showed me how newness looked. So, I just knew I wanted to move to ATL. It was final, I would relocate to Atlanta before 2014 was over.

March: This month, I decided I would use Yur Storee as not only a platform to share the stories of others, but I would also share my story as well. This really took a lot of courage. March was the month that I started to be transparent about my journey, and everything that it embodied. I really began to accept the path that I was on. Granted I had no clue, where it was taking me, I was okay with the journey. I was still working at the loan store, which had some very trying moments. I had not worked in customer service in so long, so, I really had to learn patience all over again and how to be empathetic to all kinds of people. On top of dealing with the fact that I did not want to work there. I thank God for my time there, but working there was a challenge; mostly, because I just didn’t understand how this job fit into my journey.

Let me interject right here. This may be another post within itself, but I will brief you on a decision I made around this time. While my career path was super important to me, I was also dealing with men at this time, and I was at my wits end. Like I said, I was doing a lot of reading around this time. One night, I came across an article on Nikki and the City’s blog, about how she fasted from men and two months later she met her husband. At the end of March I decided I would also fast from men. I was just tired of the emotional rollercoasters, and failing when I tried to do things my way. From March 30th – May 1st, I would not entertain anyone of the male species. Was it easy? No.  Was it worth it? Yes. I used this time to spend with God. As a part of this faith walk, I learned that faith is really letting go of things, and trusting God. I knew I wanted a husband one day, and the path I was taking was not getting me one anytime soon. For 30 days, I let God heal me in every way possible, and I received so much clarity. I will do another post about this.

Check back on Wednesday for part 2.



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