Life in NY: Do You Know Chief Keef?

The very cool thing about not being from NY is the interesting encounters with native New Yorkers. For the record, the generalizations about Chicago are so extreme in the eyes of those who aren’t actually from the city.

Here are a few things I hear on  a regular :

1) You know Chief Keef?
-Chief Keef is not the leader of Chicago. I really didn’t grasp who he was until Kanye West released the Don’t Like remix. I have only seen Chief Keef on one occasion about 2 years ago, when I was walking down north Michigan Avenue. Unfortunately, I didn’t even know who he was until my 15 year old cousin pointed out he was Chief Keef. That explained why other teenaged girls were running up to him snapping pics. So, no, I do not know him.

2) You sound country.
-I guess the opposite of sounding aggressive is country. No offense to people from the south, but to me that’s the definition of country. I know I don’t sound like that…I don’t think. I’ve heard a variety of New York accents, some that are really cute, and then some are really aggressive. I really don’t know how to pinpoint those accents.

3) I heard it’s crazy in Chicago, like you can’t even walk outside. You from Chiraq?
-People really think Chicago is a real life war zone. I have to explain to them that Chicago has dangerous areas just like any other place. Chicago is relatively safe, it just depends on what neighborhood you’re in.

-Please do not call Chicago Chiraq. It is nowhere near the equivalent to Iraq or any war zone.

4) That’s where President Obama is from.
-That’s about the most positive thing I’ve heard about Chicago. Shout out to President Obama!

5) It’s so cold in Chicago.
-But, it’s only cold in the winter though, just like it is in New York…lol. Granted, the weather is a little crazy in Chicago sometimes with the fluctuating temperatures. I still didn’t forget that crazy winter from last year, with a blizzard like everyday.

It’s actually really funny to see the ideas people have developed about Chicago. I still can’t really pinpoint why they think I sound so country. I thought I had a cool Chicago accent up until now.


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