It’s the 1st of the Month: Make the last 30 days count

It’s the first of the month…cues Bone Thugs-N- Harmony.

December 1st is symbolic for a few reasons:

1) It’s the first of a new month: New beginnings!

2) It’s the first of the last month of the year, which leaves us exactly 30 days until 2015

3) It’s my birthday month! 12/14 🙂

Most importantly, within this last month, let’s make the journey to the end of the year really count.

It is not too late to set goals and get them accomplished. It’s not about how you start, but how you finish.

Finish strong. Write out your goals today, and make them happen. Whatever the goals are- anything as simple as cleaning out a closet, get to it.

I am creating something for all my dreamers out there! I will be announcing in a few days!


Extra Stuff:

*I partnered up with Alysse Dalessandro,  the lovely creator of the Ready to Stare accessory collection to create The Dreamer Starter Kit.

Order here, grab one for yourself, a friend, anyone you know trying to get their dreams out there.

The Kit Includes:
– Custom Ready-to-Stare “I Woke Up Like Dis T-shirt”
-Handmade DOPE Brass Ring
-Copy of the Beginner Entrepreneur Handbook, 5 Ways to Get Your Ideas out of Your Head, by Jonnita Condra




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