Everything around you is an idea.

Everything around you is an idea. When you look around, and really pay attention to what you have, you will come to the realization that everything you utilize came from an idea. Someone, no different than you and I, had an idea in their mind; they decided to build on that idea and make it grow into something.

Something as simple as the lipstick that women wear came from an idea to enhance the woman’s appearance. The hair brush, wall paper, the refrigerator, air fresheners, cars, etc.  All the little things that we use everyday, came from someone building on one idea.

At some point in our lives, we come across ideas that would probably make someone else’s life easier, but sometimes they never leave our heads. Just think if Steve Jobs never would have moved on his idea to create the Mac/
Apple brand- none of us would be using an iPhone or any Apple product for that matter.

You can even start by looking at yourself in the mirror. I can guarantee that in your reflection, you will notice you have on an idea. When you
really think about it, some individual had to come up with an idea that led to a breakthrough in technology, fashion, entertainment, etc. Any industry you can possibly think of.

We are all literally walking around full of ideas that could lead to the next big thing, which ultimately leads to wealth. Just think, your one idea can instantly change your entire life. You have the power to change your current situation, just by starting on one idea. Once you release that idea, the universe has no choice, but to bring you what you need.

Excerpt from, Five Ways to Get Your Ideas out of Your Head, Do You Have an Idea?

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