2014 was one of the most rewarding yet challenging years I’ve had.

2014 was quite the year. When I say I was totally pulled out of my comfort zone, that would be an understatement. I promise you, every situation has really forced me to change the way I look at life.

When things went wrong, my natural instinct would be to throw a pity party, but this time around I had to fight for a new state of mind. I just refuse to believe that all the adversity I have faced was to take me out the game. I have come too far by faith to accept that this was all life has to offer me.

I had to grow up spiritually.

Granted, I am legally an adult, and have been so for some time now, growing up spiritually is a totally different level of life.

2014 has taught me that the not so favorable circumstances are so necessary in life. No pain, no gain. How could I have ever learned to swim through adversity, if I was never faced with it. I would have never known my strength, if I had never felt so weak.

All the storms in my life have brought me nourishment. They have definitely taught me to be fearless, and to openly welcome any obstacles. The tough times have been key to the development of my character, as well as  revealing character traits that needed to be changed.

Lessons I have learned:

1) God’s timing is everything.

2) Joy is better than happiness. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

3) Life obstacles are absolutely necessary to grow.

4) God really has my best interest at heart, even though life looks so rough at times.

5) Trust every part of the journey at all times.

6) Thank God for the not so favorable moments of life.

7) Be present: meaning, stop wishing that life was any different than what it is at this very moment.

8) Gratitude allows me to see the miracles in my life: when I’m grateful, doors just open for me.

9) Don’t be afraid to literally ask God for favor in my life and everything I pursue.

10) Discomfort really is an indicator of greatness. I have been uncomfortable the entire year of 2014, and in that year, I wrote a book, said book was accepted into a top university’s curriculum, I relocated to another state with little to no money, my writing became more real- therefore more inspiring to my readers, and I have gotten so much feedback from people about how my journey inspires them. What more could I ask for…well, I could name a few things…lol.

11) Life has its seasons, which means everything is temporal. Seasons are guaranteed to change, which means every moment in my life is guaranteed to change.

12) Money is meant to be spent. This may sound weird, but in faith, I am learning to spend money. I usually try to hold on to every penny, and nothing gets accomplished. I have really been surprised at what has happened when I spend my money faithfully.

13) Lastly, faith is all about letting go. This year I let go of all the desires of my heart, and just gave them to God…and my list is long. In return, God has surpassed those desires and more. He gave me peace, and his peace surpasses my understanding.

14) Last thing forreal, I learned to pray without ceasing, and to spend more time with God. When I can’t think straight, I read the bible. When I am unsure about people and things, I read the bible. It has become a daily habit. Draw closer to God and he will draw closer to you.

I have no clue of what 2015 will bring, but I welcome the unknown.

I hope that 2015 brings you peace, if not anything else.


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