Thank you for reading my site. I really appreciate you.

First, hi to all my new followers!! I really appreciate all of you. Of course, thank you to all my veteran followers for reading my posts. I have been absent for a while from my site, and that is because I needed inspiration, and I am also in the re-branding process. So, a lot of things are changing. I literally think about this site all the time, and I needed a mental break to refresh myself. I have not stopped writing at all, and I’m still in NY. In fact, I officially live in NY (I initially lived in Jersey). Finding a place will be a post by itself.


I really hope that you are pushing towards whatever dreams you have. One thing I learned while searching for a place to live in New York is that you can not stop. Whatever it is, whatever you are doing, you can not stop. You can change directions, change the plan, but you can not stop. I kept searching for a place, and eventually an apartment came right to me, and it was the perfect fit. You can’t put yourself in a box at all. I had to learn again to trust the journey in finding a place, and be stable in my belief that God had an apartment just for me. Of course, he came through as usual.

Til next time.




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