Get her out of New Jersey and into New York City

Finding a place to live is stressful. Finding a place to live in New York is even more stressful. Finding a place to live in New York when you are under a time constraint is beyond stressful. I can’t tell you how many people I emailed, and out of my entire search, I literally only saw four apartments. Considering that I am just getting on my feet in NY, I opted to have roommates to cut costs. The only problem with that was everyone that I actually know in NY already has a place, so I would be living with total strangers. That was already a scary thought.

Not knowing where I was going to live, or how I was even going to find an apartment had me really stuck. I took to Craigslist to find options, and Craigslist was either filled with spam or just completely unreasonable living situations.  Apartments in NY could either look super modern or the latter. It was really a hit or miss situation.  Then, I could always just stay in New Jersey, but I did not move so I that I could live in Jersey. I came to live in NYC. I refused to settle.

So here is the real story. When I moved to the east coast, I came to New Jersey, where my cousin graciously allowed me to stay with her, until I got on my feet. I predicted in about six months, I would be good; which was partially accurate. However, there were a turn of events. The first week into January 2015, my cousin’s property management company finds out that I am living there and they give me 90 days to move out. So, I had to be gone by April 9, 2015. Mind you around this time, I had just completed a job assignment, so I was technically unemployed. So, I’m sitting here wondering how am I going to move without a stable income. So, two weeks later, I get a new gig. The hard part is over with. Now, I just have to find a place- that shouldn’t be hard, considering I have income.

Wrong. The hard part was just about to begin.

I had no clue where I was going to end up living, but I was determined not to stop. I felt like the moment I stopped, that is when I would miss out on the apartment I wanted.

I was in total survival mode. Time was not my friend. I was working against a clock that was working against me. I literally felt like the moment I stopped looking for an apartment, would be the moment I missed out. I needed to be in position at all times. Anyone that I ran into, I would tell them I was looking for an apartment. I just refused to not be in New York.
Random tangent: It’s actually quite amazing how apartment hunting actually taught me a lot about work ethic, and most importantly how I needed to improve my work ethic.
1) I learned that it does not matter how things happen, the focus should be on that it will happen. I knew that the result of my endless apartment hunting journey would be me actually moving into NYC. I had no clue where I would be living, what the apartment would look like, I just knew I would get there. I truly believed my stressful search would not be in vain.
2) I learned that at the end of the day you just have to put in work. Work means constantly moving. You have to be in motion at all times. Yes, I took a break from apartment hunting, when I just felt completely exhausted, but I got right back to it. Even though, I was going to see apartments, and the viewing would go good, then people would flake on me, I still had to keep searching. The grind does not stop.
3) I had to tell my mind to shut up. Naturally, my mind wants to figure out everything from the beginning to the end, but it really doesn’t have the pieces to put the puzzle together completely. I have the tendency to overthink pretty much everything. I can literally talk myself into and out of a situation in a matter of seconds. I neglected the what- ifs, all the apartments I did not get, the fact that I was tired of looking. I neglected all that, and kept my eye on the prize.
Off tangent… please read part two 🙂



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