Join the Movement: Walk on Water

Walking on water seems almost impossible right? But, fortunately for you, anything is possible with God.

Today is the perfect day for you to start. You will never know what is on the other side of impossible, unless you take the first step and walk on the path.

One choice today: I WILL START (you fill in the blank).

I’ll share with you how I took one step. All I knew was that I wanted to obtain more opportunities as a writer, and I believed that New York was the place for me.  So, I packed my belongings, I quit my job, with a little money saved (less than $500), sold my car to my bestfriend Sher, I called my cousin asked her to let me stay with her until I got on my feet. I had no job prospects. I just knew I had to take one step. My other bestfriend bought my one-way plane ticket to Newark, New Jersey and here I am 9 months later writing this post in New York.


All things are possible with God on your side.

For with God nothing will be impossible.- Luke 1: 37


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