faith + story: Alysse Dalessandro, creator of Ready to Stare shares the ups and downs of having her own business

The message behind Ready to Stare is all about following your  passion, loving yourself and inspiring others to do the same. I want someone to feel empowered and confident when they are wearing Ready to Stare. I want my brand to challenge society’s standard of beauty and be a part of changing the way that we talk about bodies and body image.

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entrepreneur + story: Altrichia Cook, How Her Desire to Create a Swimsuit to Fit Her Body Type, Led to an Entire Collection & NYFW Runway

Name: Altrichia Cook
Occupation: Founder/Creator, Allusions by A. Lekay Swimwear

A mother at 18, I have learned to appreciate my life’s journey so far.  I raised my son, worked two jobs and maintained full time student status at Florida State University for my Bachelor’s and Florida A&M University for my Master’s degrees- all because of determination! I had a lot of sleepless nights, even times where I literally cried myself to sleep. Life is not easy, and those who seem to have an easy life are constantly working and creating ways to expand. All in a short amount of time, Altrichia started her swimwear collection and landed an NYFW runway two years in a row.

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entrepreneur + story: Alechia Reese, How She Started Her Business In the Midst of a Divorce


                 Failure is merely greatness in its infancy! – Alechia Reese


Name: Alechia Reese
Occupation: CEO/President, The Girl Rethought Project & Executive Director, 360 Gateway Brand Management

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faith + story: Brandi Turpin, How She Quit Her Job & Relocated to NYC

You never know what you have in common with someone until you spark a conversation. Brandi and I were standing in line at Demetria Lucas’ book signing a couple Mondays ago, and she, myself and couple other women all seemed to migrate towards each other. We all conversed and learned so much about each other in such a short amount of time. That’s when I discovered Brandi had taken the same leap of faith like myself and relocated to New York. We pretty much moved around the same time.

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#Chi- City: Harold Green’s Tribute To The Jackie Robinson West Little League Team

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(Life After College): Aaja Corinne, The Brand


Name: Aaja Corinne
Graduation Year: 2011, Columbia College Chicago
College Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Fashion Studies
Current Occupation: Image Consultant & Brand Stylist, Merchandise Coordinator

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(trend-setter): Sir WJ, Twenty- Something Musical Renaissance

Government name: William James Stokes
His reality: Hip-hop/jazz crooner, composer, philanthropist, entrepreneur

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HerStory: Beat Face Honey, From YouTube Vlogger to Celebrity MUA in One Year

The name Beat Face Honey has certainly created an industry buzz within the last year. It’s amazing how one year can change things. Around this time last year, Beat Face Honey’s dreams came true.

Beat Face Honey, whose government name is Tatiana Ward, is no different than you and me. A make up artist living in Philadelphia, and working for MAC, she knew the struggles of life very well.

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Interview: PRSVR, Brandon & Margaret Williamson are the Definition of What it Means to Persevere


PRSVR: Persevere

When you have a vision,  nothing can hinder your progress. In a matter of two years, husband and wife power team, Brandon & Margaret Williamson, owners of  the luxury clothing and luggage label, PRSVR  have created a non-stop growing empire.  Init
ially launching in Chicago with The Atelier, leather showroom, PRSVR has since expanded its brand  with more signature leather pieces,  home decor, and they capped off 2014 with the new store Hours.

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Interview: Jasmine Crowe, Founder of Black Celebrity Giving


Jasmine Crowe is the founder/creator of the movement better known as Black Celebrity Giving. As the head of BCG, Jasmine Crowe and her team have spotlighted the charitable efforts of some of our favorite celebrities, including Toya Wright, Jamie Foxx, Jay-Z, and many more, as well as launching communities campaigns throughout the U.S. to help those in need.

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