when i decided to walk on water


It takes crazy faith to even think you can walk on water..I guess I’m crazy.

At my lowest point. When I felt like God had left me, I still maintained a drop of faith. Maybe even a mustard seed. Though the windows of my eyes only gave me a view that looked hopeless, I still couldn’t believe that God would leave me out to dry. I couldn’t grasp the concept that my Lord and Savior would ever forsake me.  Not my God, who gave his only son to die for my sins. Sin that I didn’t even know existed before my existence. Nah. I believed he would make a way for me, I just didn’t know how. It troubled my mind that God would allow me to get to the edge of  my breaking point, right when I am dangling off the cliff…and then he would come and scoop me- back to the place of refuge. He is my refuge.

Within the past 3 years, I have amazed myself at the leaps I have taken. In 2012, at the age of 25, I quit the first corporate job I ever had. I walked away from a salary and benefits, all in the name of faith. I didn’t really have a plan. All I knew was I wanted to pursue my dreams full time, on my own time. I felt like if I took this big leap of faith, God had to come through.

The second biggest leap was me once again quitting my job and moving to New York. I did not have a job lined up. I just knew I needed to do something different to get a different result. I came to New York just believing that something good would happen eventually. The bible say’s, without faith it is impossible to please God.  I just hope he’s pleased with me.

Both times I felt like I’ve been free falling from a cliff, not knowing where I’ll land. But all along, I’ve been right in his hands- falling into the place he prepared for me.

When I Decided to Walk on Water is a series of excerpts inspired by the story of when Jesus called Peter to walk on the water and come to him. Peter got off the boat and began to walk on the water, but as soon as he noticed what he was doing, he started to sink in fear. This is a collection of the moments I neglected my fear and essentially walked on water.


Photog: Nyjee Evans


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